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1935 Packard 1207 Roadster Convertible
The Packard 12 was produced from 1933 to 1939.

It’s considered by many to be one of the finest automobiles produced by Packard and one of the most significant creations of the classic car era. The long and flowing hood hid a 455 cubic-inch side valve 12-cylinder engine that was refined, powerful, smooth and quiet. In 1935 Packard introduced more horsepower and mechanical improvements. The suspension became plusher and more comfortable while the steering became easier to operate. It was the sporting gentlemens automobile of choice with small access doors to accommodate golf bags and a rumble seat for the caddy.

This particular convertible coupe has earned a senior status by placing first in CCCA Car Shows in Scottsdale, Albuquerque and Pasadena. It had represented the prior owner Donnie Crevier and Crevier Classic Car Company very well at recent Packard International shows.
Given its limited production and importance this car is a real survivor and a beautiful piece of automotive history and we feel privileged to have her in the collection for display.