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The Superamerica returns
While it’s not uncommon to regret selling a special vehicle, it’s probably a bit less common to actually go buy it back.

Which is exactly what we’ve done with this very special 2006 Ferrari Superamerica F1. Being one of only 57 right hand drive cars ever produced as well as being the highest spec’d example in Australasia it is indeed a unique machine, and now sits back in its rightful place alongside the Autohaven collection’s other two front engined V12’s from the Maranello stable.

The Ferrari 575 Superamerica was designed by Pininfarina as an exclusive low volume V12 Ferrari berlinetta featuring a highly original, innovative take on the convertible concept. The Superamerica was the first production car to adopt an innovative rotating roof, dubbed Revocromico to highlight the unique combination of its rearward rotation movement and electrochromic technology. The use of electrochromic glass means that the driver can completely control the level of light entering the cockpit, adjusting the tint from dark to light at the touch of a button.

The Fioravanti-patented rotating roof concept allows the Superamerica driver to electrically drop the top in 10 seconds flat, making it the world’s fastest convertible berlinetta (201 MPH top speed).