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An exclusive visit for The South Pacific Packard Car Club
The South Pacific Packard Car Club of New Zealand was the museum’s first official visitors on the evening of the 1st of March 2022.

A great dinner was provided in the 1950s style American diner, with an entrée provided with a behind the scenes tour of the extensive workshop facilities. To have such a high specification shop with projects of equally high calibre wetted the appetite for the unveiling of the display hall, and what an amazing collection it is.

The finest American classics are on display from the golden era of motordom, where no expense was spared in conjunction with the highest level of craftsmanship. Perfectly proportioned Packards sit alongside coachbuilt Cords, Cadillacs and sporty Stutz’s and a dual cowl Duesenberg. These are ringed by an impressive collection of more modern performance cars including Ferrarri, Porsche and Lamborghini as well as sleek motorcycles. It is not often you get close up to things we once only ever saw in books, magazines or calendars from our youth, or would otherwise need to travel to the great collections overseas.

We were extremely privileged to be given the first peek of Christchurch’s newest attraction and thank Trevor for the making this happen.

Naturally we all came away discussing what car you’d take home. Personal favourite was the 1932 Packard 905 twin six sport phaeton – just love those long open fenders and stately elegance of the radiator ensemble. I’m only a bit biased after all (got a 32 twin six in my garage).

Leyton Chan, President of SPPC